School of the Future

Promotion of interactive technologies in education. 10.2 mln. Ukrainians discovered new opportunities provided by interactive learning and new technologies for schools.
Our client Epson has been supporting reforms of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for many years, in particular, the reform of the "New Ukrainian School". Epson is also a technical partner for the organization of modern working space in the classroom. Through the mass media, we have shown how children are currently learning in "schools of the future", how such lessons are conducted using Epson interactive devices, which are recommended by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (projectors, printers, scanners, photocopiers, etc.). The agency team organized an open lesson for 18 media sources, 5 of which were national Ukrainian TV channels.
national TV channels in the classroom
10,2 mln.
reach in Ukraine
2nd place
Best public projects Eventiada IPRA GWA
Central TV channels broadcasted 5 video stories with a total reach of up to 10 mln. Ukrainians. The publications in online media reached about 2 mln. Ukrainians. 118 trainers of teachers completed advanced training provided by the Epson online academy.