Microsoft Ukraine

Cloud & AI Campaign

Microsoft is raising awareness of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence among Ukrainians.

Microsoft Ukraine has been working in the market for over 17 years and provides its clients with technologies for digital business transformation. The company has formed a partner ecosystem including more than 1200 Ukrainian IT companies, with strong expertise in Microsoft services, products, and technologies.
6,6 мln.
media and digital reach
As part of the Cloud & Brand image campaign, our goal was to provide Ukrainians with more information about this ecosystem and about Microsoft Azure cloud services for business, to show how the implementation of these services helps organizations achieve more. But the main challenge for the team was the time pressure! The agency team had only 2 months to develop and implement the campaign.
Within one week we developed a media campaign that reached the Microsoft audience through traditional media as well as social networks. The campaign started with a press breakfast where the new CEO was introduced to the Ukrainian audience. The new head of the Ukrainian office Jan Peter De Jong became the spokesman of Microsoft achievements in Ukraine. In a friendly atmosphere, he shared information about the company's contribution during the 17 years of its work in Ukraine.