16 Days of Activism Against Domestic Violence

The campaign to raise awareness and promote a responsible attitude to the problem of domestic violence.
In 2019 our agency was lucky to work with the OSCE social project "16 Days of Activism Against Domestic Violence". One of our tasks within the campaign was to draw attention to the problem of violence against women. The emphasis was made on the sociological research conducted by the OSCE in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The purpose of the "16 Days of Activism" was to convey to those who suffer from violence or witness it that it is necessary to talk about it out loud, to seek help and support from the police, human rights organizations, psychologists, and others.

87 000
visits in social networks through opinion leaders
8+ mln.
media reach
supporting publications in mass media
Due to the agency efforts the campaign was promoted in social networks on a free basis by TV presenter and stand-up singer Natalia Garipova, rap singer Alyona, the group "Druha Rika", singer Tayanna, human rights activist Larisa Denisenko and psychologist Igor Pogodin. During the 16 days of the campaign, we reached over 8 mln. people in the media and more than 87 thousand on social networks. More than 50 supporting publications were published in national and regional media.