Play Has No Limits

Introduction of PlayStation brand communications to the Ukrainian market and launch of the new PS5 console.
Until 2020 not a single brand of game consoles had ever introduced local communication campaigns in Ukraine. It was our sincere wish to see PlayStation become the first brand to start speaking to Ukrainian audiences in their native language through a local PR agency. And our wish met the goals of PlayStation to become the first global brand in the gaming console market, which communications are represented in Ukraine.
publications over the year
16+ mln.
reached audience in Ukraine
mentions in Tier 1 media
product reviews
PlayStation is a recognized world leader in the market of interactive and digital entertainment. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is in charge of the PlayStation® brand and the whole family of products and services. PlayStation has been a provider of innovative solutions since the release of the original PlayStation in Japan in 1994.
While introducing the brand's communications to the Ukrainian market, we faced several tasks, in particular:

  • Raise the profile of PlayStation among the new target audience, in particular, among users who have never played before.

  • Launch the new PlayStation 5 game console. Its high-profile release took place in November 2020.

Even though the company was forced to cancel any offline activities because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we achieved excellent results by focusing on working with mass media, bloggers, and opinion leaders. As a result of the work of our devoted team, whose members are great fans of gaming, we managed to initiate more than 730 publications in the Ukrainian media over a year. Constant cooperation and communication with Ukrainian media and bloggers allowed us to achieve publication of more than 100 reviews of target products on a barter basis.

On November 19, 2020, the long-awaited product of the brand was launched — the new generation PlayStation 5 game console. Within the campaign to support PlayStation 5 launch, our team created:
Special media projects reaching 12 mln. people
YouTube bloggers integrations with overall 5,6 mln. subscribers
Reviews of products and PlayStation game exclusives
Mentions in social media with an overall audience of more than 16 mln.
PlayStation is the leader in the gaming industry and thanks to the joint efforts of both the PS and the agency team, we have achieved our objectives and the brand successfully broke into the Ukrainian market.