Messenger №1 in Ukraine

Communication support of the most popular messaging application in Ukraine. Daily communications, special projects, and events.
In Ukraine, Viber is the most popular application installed on 97.9% of all smartphones in the country.

Our agency has been cooperating with Rakuten Viber as an external press office in Ukraine for the second straight year. The project team prepares numerous texts for mass media, communicates with Ukrainian celebrities and opinion leaders, and organizes the participation of top Rakuten Viber employees in the main industry events of the country.
publications in a year, 38% in top Ukrainian media
publications in the top Ukrainian media
From the beginning of 2019 till now we have prepared 1028 articles published free of charge, 393 of which — in top Ukrainian media.
We managed to organize an exclusive interview with Rakuten Viber CEO Djamel Agaoua, EEMENA Regional Business Development Director Atanas Raikov, CIS Regional Business Development Director Sergiy Samorodov. With Sergiy, we recorded two podcasts and a TV interview free of charge.