Змінити мову (УКР)

Go Travel Un Limited Company — a travel corporation operating in 35 countries across the globe, using advanced technologies. In spring 2022 company Go Travel Un Limited decided to launch the new product in America — travel app WayAway. With the help of it the user can plan future trip, rent hotel or accommodation and a car. But the main feature of the new app is real cashback, which the user can transfer to his bank card via PayPal. This is a good alternative for cumulative discounts, bonuses and miles, traditional to America.
The agency was faced with the task of helping with the promotion of a new app on the US market, taking into account its specifics. Also we understood that the tourism product market is monopolized by already well-known brands, and this is an additional challenge from strong players.

What changes has the application undergone over the year:● For the year, the app's rating on the Trustpilot.com has risen to 4.5 out of 5● WayAway app was named #1 product of the day by Producthunt● The mobile app was downloaded by more than 2 million users, it’s rating is 4.2 accordingto user reviews

During the year since launch of the WayAway app, we got such results:
● Over 20 publications describing the new product and its features;● Publication of expert columns on the topic of tourism and digital technologies for Forbes and Entrepreneur business publications;● Over 10 WayAway app reviews made by travel bloggers;● The latest news about the agency's research on cities where it is safe for women to travel alone was published in more than 20 US trade media, including TimeOut.

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