Bloggers and Opinion Leaders

We cooperate with influencers, bloggers, celebrities, and experts in promoting PR campaigns of the brand, its services, and products through social networks, messengers, and other online and offline media channels. We work with well-known experts, as well as with micro- and nano- influencers, who form a loyal attitude to the blogger's opinion.
On average people spend about 7 hours online each day, including 3 hours on social media. When we offer a client (as part of a one-time PR project or a long-term campaign) cooperation with thought leaders, we are primarily talking about native advertising, because it finds a more loyal response from subscribers, a wider reach, and a higher level of interaction. However, upon request, we also offer direct marketing communications – product placement.

After agreeing upon the terms of cooperation and format of integration with opinion leaders, we present a communication plan to the client, make a list of opinion leaders relevant to the brand and company's message and discuss the terms of integration (commercial or free).
Consequently, we get:
Loyalty of the opinion leader
We understand which opinion leaders are relevant to our clients, as we regularly monitor the Ukrainian blogosphere. Thus, we can offer relevant topics that will interest both the company we represent and the bloggers we invite.
Native content
Before starting the integration we monitor and analyze the content influencer creates, his or her tastes, and interests. That leads to an effective integration with the positive or neutral response. Subsequently, the thought leader becomes interested in cooperation. Within the integration, we respect bloggers' opinions and recommendations and we don't force them to follow a strict framework when creating content.
Ongoing cooperation and ambassadorship
After integration, we continue to communicate with thought leaders, learn their opinion and reaction to the product or brand proposal, discuss prospects and the possibility of future integrations. Then we invite loyal influencers to participate in our events, offer them new products for testing, thus helping bloggers keep creating interesting content.
Viral reach
Loyal opinion leaders as our client's customers might not only mention the brand in the native format on their social media pages in the future. Influencers start talking about their tastes and choices or communicate necessary messages while preparing editorial materials (interviews or lifestyle selections) for other media channels, such as online media and television. Consequently, we get even a wider reach.
If it goes about commercial integration, we draft a report with complete statistics on views and reach from the opinion leader. If the integration was free of charge, we provide average statistics on search results, which most customers regard as a basis. We also provide a letter of recommendation with the influencer's portrait: interest in further cooperation, terms, and conditions, interest in the product or service of the client.