Crisis communications

Development and adaptation of crisis communication strategy are among the key competencies of our team. We have experience in crisis management, working with situational outbursts of negativity in mass media and social networks as well as dealing with campaigns planned by competitors and providing communication support of lawsuits.
It has been proven that companies with a crisis communication strategy overcome communication crises much easier. However, only 50% of companies in the world are concerned with the development of a crisis strategy before crisis strikes. Our approach to the developing of a crisis communication strategy includes the following steps:
We hold a strategic session with the heads of the departments that might be affected by a crisis.
We form a map of risks depending on the probability of their occurrence and losses for business and set up a system of crisis notifications.
We develop response scenarios for each of the possible crises and draft necessary documents.
We create a crisis team and conduct a practical training simulation for the team.
We create a single crisis instruction to respond to any situation.
As a result of our work, the company receives a crisis strategy, which contains all the necessary documents: general scenarios and response algorithms, texts of press releases and statements, a database of stakeholders. In addition, the practical simulation allows us to form a strong and confident team each member of which knows his/her roles and functions in case of a crisis: how to reduce the likelihood of "unscheduled" interview with the director off-records, picked up by the media, or what to do with an inappropriate post on social media.

If our client doesn't have a crisis strategy, we act quickly upon the client's request: we assess the scale of the crisis, the team's competencies to resolve it, form a crisis team and start working at any time.