PR Strategy

We develop PR strategies to promote brands, products, or companies of our clients. PR strategy comprises PR, marketing communications, digital tools, social projects, etc. depending on the business goals and objectives of our client.
To develop a PR strategy we meet with the client's team and conduct a strategic session that lasts from 2 to 4 hours. All departments interested in the company's reputation are invited to participate: from the founder and CFO to a lawyer and HR manager. During such strategic sessions, a list of questions related to the company's objectives, tasks, risks, key messages, products is being presented. After the session our team gets thorough knowledge of the company and clearly understands what is expected of our cooperation.
Next steps
During the following 2-3 weeks the agency team develops a strategy which consists of:
Tasks and objectives
Description of target audiences
Key messages
Communication channels and tools
Besides the strategy, we develop a year-long communication plan which can be adapted each month according to the changing business environment in Ukraine and the world. We draw up a budget of the plan and the tools. The result is that our partner receives a long-term working document and action plan with a calculated budget and implementation scheme. Our client can implement this action plan either independently or entrust it to the professionals of our agency.

We present a developed PR strategy to the client's team during the second strategic session and afterward edit it taking into account the client's comments and wishes.