Media relations

For over 14 years we have been polishing our skills while working with mass media in the Ukrainian and international markets. We know how to cooperate with various media free of charge, offering them useful and important content.
We also understand when it is efficient and advisable to finance a great product, branding, and editorial work. The agency's team constantly communicates with journalists and opinion leaders, develops its network of loyal contacts, and forms cooperative relations with the media. While working with the media and customers we follow a few rules which allow us to be effective in delivering key messages and cooperating with the country's leading media.
We create such content that on one hand contains key messages of the client and on the other - meets the requirements of the editorial line and expectations of its audience.
We know that readers, as well as journalists, might not like advertorials. Thus, we do our homework well and develop great content.
We regularly analyze the media field. This allows us to come up with relevant topics, quickly become a source of information, and prevent crises.
We choose topics according to the type of media and its format. Thus we work even with non-core media and use a creative approach while coming up with topics for our clients.
How does our work with media look for our clients:
clients approve a media plan, topics, texts and get a performance report.
What this work looks like
for us:
the constant search for relevant topics, brainstorms, search for new media representatives and establishing relationships with them, writing texts, regular pitching and communication with the media, updating topics according to media requests and interests.
Media relations is not a one-time product. This is an ongoing process, the results of which are visible in the long run. Our experience proves such an approach to be effective in fostering a loyal attitude towards the brands we represent. It also helps us as an agency to be regarded as the primary source of relevant information for the media, even in times of crisis.