International, regional and national campaigns

Our communications agency closely cooperates with the international PR network BCW and some global partners. Our network, knowledge, and experience allow us to develop communication campaigns locally and abroad.
This service is currently important for Ukrainian companies planning to enter international markets. Our competencies and understanding of the local product in combination with the expertise of our global partners in their markets allow us to promote Ukrainian brands internationally.

In Ukraine, we specialize in both national communications and the development and implementation of campaigns in various regions of Ukraine. We know that companies often neglect regional communications, but a personalized approach and regional campaigns can compete with national coverage and results.
Our steps
Aspects we consider when planning and developing regional projects:
Peculiarities of the region where we plan our campaign
Popular media and opinion leaders in the region
Thematic and relevance of content for regional media
Logistics and coordination of the campaign locally
We are convinced that the combination of national newsworthy information and regional campaigns allows us to achieve the best results for our customers and be better known by the people in Ukraine and abroad.